If you do not make a Will your property and other assets may not pass to whom you want. The future well-being of your family may depend on you having an effective and legally valid Will.

Using our specialist knowledge of property, trust and tax law and we will help you cater for a number of different possibilities to prepare your Wills so as to maximise your peace of mind.

If you die without having made a Will, the Statutory Intestacy Rules will apply in an arbitrary manner, particularly if there are no children. This may lead to your spouse having to share your estate with relatives e.g., brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts whom you may never have intended to benefit!

Benefits of Making a Will

  • Your family will know exactly how your property and possessions should be handled.
  • You choose the person (the Executor) you want to deal with all necessary paperwork and procedures.
  • Creation of a Trust for your children to secure their future
  • Leave gifts to specific people
  • Restrictive and minimise tax liabilities
  • Appoint Guardians for your children
  • Express wishes about the disposal of your body

For further information and details of our fixed Will costs please contact our Partner Andrew at our Thorpe Bay Office - Telephone number 01702 582211 

email: andrewh@andrewhurrell.com
or Alan Last at our Hadleigh office.
Tel -  01702 558286
email: AlanLast@andrewhurrell.com

Home or Hospital visits can be arranged.

We also offer free Will storage facilities.

Our partner Andrew Hurrell is a member of the Society of Estate Practitioners (STEP)

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